Protecting America: Order, Nation and Exception in Henry Carey's Social Science

Matteo M. Rossi


The essay offers a new understanding of Henry Charles Carey’s (1793–1879) social science. As one of the major intellectuals of the antebellum period that actively participated in the Republican Party, Carey’s works marked a reinterpretation of US nationalism in which the State became the guarantee of the exceptional American social order against social conflict and economic crisis following the capitalistic transition. Protectionism was conceived as a political measure to defend the harmony of the nation’s interests. His social science should be understood as an attempt to scientifically re-legitimize the order: as a social science of the American nation.


Henry Charles Carey; Social Science; Protectionism; Nationalism; Exceptionalism; American Capitalism; American State

DOI: 10.6092/issn.2611-2752/8542


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